Planting trays for outdoor roofs

About the project

We had the honor to develop, produce, and deliver a custom plastic tray to a customer specializing in the manufacturing and installation of green sedum roofs. These lush, green roof surfaces constitute the heart of the project. The tray, which was directly mounted onto the roof, served as a crucial platform for cultivating plants that create the characteristic feel of a sedum roof. Its role wasn't solely aesthetic, but also practical. Beyond being a plant bed, the tray functioned as an effective water collector, which is essential for maintaining the vitality of sedum roofs. By managing rainwater, the tray became an integrated part of the ecosystem that supported and benefited the green cover.


The project was a coordinated effort where we and the client worked closely together. The resulting work exceeded expectations and showcased our ability to integrate technical expertise with aesthetic vision. Thus, the project stands as evidence of how harmoniously composed design and function can generate outstanding and enriching results.

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