Specially adapted packaging

With an increased production of goods, the demand for qualitative and creative packaging increases with it. Especially when it comes to plastic containers that make it possible to protect, handle and deliver goods in safe and easy ways.

At INP Förpackningar, we are experts within the field and have helped several customers across different industries with specially adapted packaging. Regardless of whether it concerns food containers or packages for industrial use and medicine, our goal is to be at the forefront of product development.

As a supplier, we help you from a first draft to finished product. We design and develop the product and are responsible for the entire production process; from raw material to finished tools, product, and delivery. The packaging is tailored to meet your needs; and if we do not have a solution at hand – we will create it!

Complete solutions

 It may in some cases be required that we manufacture a special shape to be able to offer you a complete solution. This is something that sets us apart from our competitors. Especially as we are actully quite bad at saying no to our customers. Why? Because according to us, you are always right.

When producing a specially adapted product, we start by drawing the desired packaging. Then a simple test is done before the mold is manufactured on a larger scale. The product is designed, developed, and created in consultation with you, so that the finished packaging will fit exactly the product it is intended for. Whether it is to be able to protect, transport or locate your goods in a secure and simple way.

All our production takes place in our factory in the middle of Småland, Sweden. Thanks to this, we can take a total responsibility for your desired product. 

Solutions for everyone

Under our "projects" page, you can discover various specially made packaging solutions.

We see posibilities in all situations. Discover our earlier projects, and you will be conviced that we can fulfill your specific needs.