We at INP specialize in trays to be able to offer a wide range of specially adapted products within food, medicine, and other industries. Specially adapted trays are in many cases necessary for different business areas to store, display and facilitate packaging of goods.

Plastic packaging

Our thermo- and vacuum-shaped plastic trays have a great application potential and can be used for a variety of goods. For example when storing, protecting, transporting, or displaying them. They can then be easily integrated into the company's production and packaging. As the production takes place in our factory in Småland, we are flexible and can offer a variety of custom plastic trays.

When producing the desired tray, we can either use an already finished tool to produce them on a large scale or create one from scratch to meet the needs for your products. 

Trays made from R-PET

For our trays, we always use 50-95% R-PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). R-PET is a well-known material and is a recycled PET. All emissions from combustion only breaks down to water and carbon dioxide. The R-PET we use contain 100% recycled PET flakes with an ABA structure, meaning that A is a new material, and B is recycled material.

PET is considered a safe and non-toxic plastic with great flexibility. It can be recycled efficiently without reducing its strength or durability. In total, we produce 98% PET at INP, where 40% is re-granulated PET (R-PET).

Today, there are not many recycled plastic products used in the food industry. However, PET is one of the exceptions as it meets the requirements set by the EU.


We always handle our packaging for food in a very safe way. Since july 2016, INP is certified for FSSC 22000 to be able to manage your packaging in a correct way. Since 2006 we have also worked together with HACCP, focusing on food safety and we have had this in our minds ever since we first built our industry. We also work with Normpack, which we also obtained a certification for.