Plastic is the material that is by far the best when it comes to food. It is therefore very popular to deliver goods in specially adapted plastic packages. Plastic has many advantages when it comes to packaging. This is because the different plastic materials increase the durability of the goods, they are strong and shock resistant. This means that we can create smart packaging that is appealing and practical, for both you and your customers.

Our plastic packaging can be designed and produced to fit specific products. This applies from both a point of view of handling and storage. Moreover, we can produce them so that they can be seamlessly integrated with your company's production line. As well as create packaging that is appealing and increase the value of your products.

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We always handle our packaging for food in a very safe way. Since july 2016, INP is certified for FSSC 22000 to be able to manage your packaging in a correct way. Since 2006 we have also worked together with HACCP, focusing on food safety and we have had this in our minds ever since we first built our industry. We also work with Normpack, which we also obtained a certification for.