About us

We at INP Packaging have a vision to create packaging that increases the value of your products. We create the right conditions by always taking our responsibility for the complete production process and being at the forefront of the development of new technologies, ideas and materials.

INP Förpackningar AB (Inaoura-pac) started in 2003 by its owner Christoffer Bergman. From the start, the focus was mainly on importing food packaging from other European countries, as well as the rest of the world. With a gap in the market that lacked a local packaging producer, Trade & Tooling AB (ToT) was created in 2006 as a pure tool company for design and production of molds for bakery and food packages.

However, already in 2008 a production machine was purchased from Germany that enabled ToT start producing their own food packaging more sustainably, and locally in Småland. In 2015, ToT changed its name to INP Förpackningar AB, and is today a large manufacturer of vacuum and thermoformed plastic packaging within industries, food and medicine.

Our values

Our values are constant - not the company

By having clear values, we can better distribute responsibilities and simplify everyone's decision-making. It is the responsibility of each employee to work in accordance with our values, ​​and we believe that a task can be delegated, but not a responsibility

Professionalism – We work to carry out what we set out to do in each project. To always keep what we promise, and with seriousness and passion solve our customers' problems. To always strive for the latest in development / technology and in the areas where our customers meet their challenges. Professionalism is just as important to us internally within INP as externally; how we treat each other and how we develop ourselves and the company.

Entrepreneurship – We dare to challenge ourselves. We are goal-oriented entrepreneurial souls with the desire and ability to develop good ideas for good business in interactions with our customers. We see opportunities when the world changes and never stagnate in established patterns or methods. Like our customers, we need to constantly develop, create new things, think freely, and dare.

Balance – Our philosophy "Business Wellness" has grown out of the very concept of balance. For us, it is about finding the balance around several important factors - professionalism and entrepreneurial spirit; people and companies; work and leisure. A company and a person in balance have the power and courage to change and develop.

Declaration of Compliance

Quality assurance

  • INP must always strive for fully satisfied customers. Our processes must be characterized by the right quality, the right delivery time, and safe products from a food safety point of view.
  • Meet legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Deliver products and services to the customer's expected quality.
  • Follow the zero-error principle and work on continuous improvements.
  • Have high customer satisfaction and make follow-ups with the help of continuous quality measurements.

In short, we will

  • Strive for zero errors
  • Do the right thing from the start
  • Deliver the right quality at all levels of the company
  • Work on continuous improvements
  • Handle complaints quickly and efficiently
  • Make sure employees and leaders have the right knowledge