In the food industry, there are currently high demands on well-developed machines that can streamline the packaging of various goods. In recent times, it is more popular to use so-called flow packing machines. As the name suggests, the machines create a flow and handle the packaging of many products in a short time, whether it concerns the packaging of individual products or larger trays. 

Flow packaging has many advantages, not least in the food industry:

Cost efficiency

In a flow packing machine, many goods are packed in a very short time, and use up less energy than other packaging methods.

Flexibility in flow packaging

As it is possible to adapt the packaging to different types of shapes and products, a variety of different types of goods can be packaged using this method. The packaging itself can also be designed to promote your brand making it more appealing to customers and consumers. 

Extended shelf life

Many food products last better if they are wrapped in plastic packaging, increasing the value of the product itself. It also ensures that the food is not contaminated by bacteria or other external factors.