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A common thought in today’s society is that plastic packaging is a non-sustainable solution. We take responsibility for our production in many ways to change that. Choosing our RPET packaging solutions ensures you high quality products, produced with zero climate impact. From today, RPET is available for all our products.


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The idea behind RPET is very easy to understand. PET is a material that doesn’t lose its quality when re-using it. Therefore, the idea behind RPET revolves around constantly restoring scrap material and blending it with other recycled plastics. For our production, we use an advanced returning system to restore the already recycled plastic. We then use this plastic together with recycled PET-bottles to create the RPET material used for the packaging.

Easy, right?

More than the material

Offering RPET for all of our products in a big step for us, but obviously not the only thing we do to be sustainable. All of our production is driven by fosil-free power sources. We use wind – and waterpower together with our 300 newly installed solar panels. This means not only that the material we use is sustainable, but the whole company..

Solutions for

Whether you need a single product sample or millions of units, we still offer the same quality, customization, and sustainability in the production process. Our tool manufacturing and sample forming are also driven by the fossil free power sources and made purely out of R-PET. This makes the whole process for developing your products as sustainable as the products themselves.

We have a sustainable choice for everyone.

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