Protecting tray for packaging line


In this project, our customer requested an overall solution, where we got to produce a tray out of their requirements. The request was to protect, position and transport their final product. Together with the customer, we developed a tray that matched the requirements that resulted in a fully automatic packaging line. Our customer has already secured a returning flow of the trays that makes recycling possible. Both practical and climate-smart!

Planting tray for roof production


We at INP got the honor to develop, produce and deliver a plastic tray for a customer that produces and mounts sedum roofs. The tray is mounted directly on to the roof with different volatility planted in it. This creates the wonderful look that a sedum roof has. The tray acts as a frame for the plants, but it also collects water. A very exciting projekt from start to end.

Positioning tray for automation


Our customer wanted us to help automating their production line in order to optimize it. They also wanted to find a solution in order to simplify the logistics with the middle storage and mounting. We got digital drawings and started to scetch out a solution. The result became four different products in a tray, and an independent tray. The project was successful and the customer does no longer need to touch the products before they are mounted.

Biotage - FilterBox


On demand from our customer, we created a FilterBox for plasma filtering. We got the dimensions from the machine, and used that as our base. The boxes are made in 97% RPET and are used together with Biotage filtering system all over the world.